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Mason SabaTrainer

    I grew up in Bakersfield California and my story has basically revolved around my athletic career my entire life. I played soccer for a long time but in middle school found football and instantly fell in love. Football is what lead me to a weight room and instantly sparked my passion for strength and conditioning as well as fitness. I played football throughout high school receiving all area and all-state honors for defensive back. After high school I attended Bakersfield Community College and played football for two years. After Junior College my focus shifted to wanting to know more about the strength and conditioning portion of sports and how performance can be improved through the weight room. I transferred up to UNR in 2017 and graduated Class of 2019 with a B.S. in Kinesiology.

    After graduating I was soon connected with CCF and quickly became addicted to the atmosphere and energy that was present. The main way I was connected with CCF was through the Spartan Races. I find those races to be such a fun way to bring out my competitive side that I had during football as well as being able to push myself further than I would expect. CCF has not only sparked my passion for strength and conditioning for sports but as well as for general fitness